Step into Summer Sustainably with Stone & Sage’s Vintage Homeware Items

In a generation run by furniture giants like Ikea and West Elm, we are seeing less and less sustainable furniture. Why not do your bit for the environment by purchasing some vintage homeware items that are guaranteed to stand the test of time?



The Modern Climate Crisis

The modern climate crisis is only getting worse, with single-use plastics, food waste, and fast fashion being among the main contenders. The world’s forests are being destroyed at a rate of 7.3 million hectares per year, with Ikea using 1% of the world’s timber alone. In the UK, we throw away an estimated 1.6 million tonnes of bulk waste per year, with international shipping contributing to 3-4% of overall carbon emissions caused by humans. 


We live in a throwaway society – a culture dominated by consumerism and excessive manufacturing of short-term items rather than items that will stand the test of time. Fast furniture has a lasting negative impact on the environment, as well as being made from poor-quality materials that can increase the chances of flashover (fast burning in the event of a fire). 


A report by Carbon Clear found that antique furniture has an estimated carbon footprint that is 16 times lower than modern manufactured furniture. Buying vintage furnishings reduces landfill, carbon emissions and freight; and is sustainable, re-usable and re-saleable. So, instead of throwing away a piece of furniture, why not reduce, reuse, and recycle?!

Reduce Furniture Waste

Minimalist designs are growing in popularity, so you could consider reducing the number of furnishings in your home. After all, less furniture equals less waste in our landfills! When purchasing new items for the home, opt for unique statement pieces – these will inject a sense of personality to your interior, as well as providing you with a fun story to share with guests.

Reuse Old Furniture

What about the furniture you already have in your home? If you’re planning on purchasing some new décor and are unsure about what to do with your old items, you can always find a way to reuse it. Don’t throw it away! You could repurpose your vintage furniture or hand down pieces to someone else – because one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure.

Recycle Old Furniture

If you and your friends/family really don’t want your old furniture items in the home, you can always try selling the furniture to someone else. There are millions of people out there who are constantly looking for vintage pieces of furniture to repurpose! Try listing your items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and see if you get any takers.

Vintage Home Décor from Stone & Sage 

Here at Stone and Sage, we showcase an eclectic range of vintage and antique homeware – from British to European and beyond. Our vintage pieces are perfect for injecting some character into your home. We guarantee that you will find a vast array of spectacular and swoon worthy must haves to compliment your interior!


Our friendly and passionate independent online shop is based in the heart of Suffolk. We have a wonderfully loyal customer base and have built up an enviable reputation. Here at Stone and Sage, you will find brand NEW collections live every day at 8pm. For the best chance to find your new boutique treasure, we recommend checking in daily. Remember, preloved is the new loved!


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