Faithful Friends of Stone & Sage

Here at Stone and Sage, we love supporting fellow small businesses. Our loyal community is huge! Here’s a handful of businesses and charities we support and are good friends with…


Prudent Nellie – Home of Independent Retail & Makers

Stone and Sage has a dedicated shop space at Prudent Nellie: an independent and unique trading space within a large retail centre in Long Melford. Step inside and discover an eclectic mix of ethically and carefully sourced home décor and lifestyle pieces.


Lisa Piddington – Loyal Customer & Friend

Stone and Sage is a good friend of Lisa Piddington: a copywriter, content creator and stylist. Lisa has worked with several leading brands including Harvey Nichols, Heaven Skincare and Radisson SAS Hotels. She has her own interiors account on Instagram which has attracted almost 75,000 followers.


Albion Nights – Supporter

Stone and Sage wholeheartedly supports Albion Nights: a luxury, off-grid cabin set in a Norfolk wildflower meadow. The cabin has been lovingly hand-crafted using reclaimed, recycled, and reused materials.


Little Lifts – Charity

Stone and Sage has supported and raised money for local charity Little Lifts: offering support to people enduring chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer. They provide littlelifts boxes to hospitals in East Anglia, which are given out to breast cancer patients.


Stone and Sage’s wholesalers include:


Stone and Sage will be hosting our weekly #stoneandsagesundaymarkets throughout 2022. The following businesses will be joining us in our first virtual market on February 6th:


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  • I am also editor and publisher to the Preloved publication; that has been in print for one year. I have been nurturing both businesses over a four-year period whilst lecturing part time at my local university in Suffolk. I have been working within the creative industry for over seventeen years, from creative directing to mentoring trainee teachers & I completed my master's degree in 2021.

  • Creativity has been at the forefront of everything within my own lifestyle and home. live in a sweet village in the heart of Suffolk where I am surrounded by what is known as Constable land.

    I completed my master's degree in 2021 and this got me thinking about the idea of writing an E-course that combined all the things that encompasses Stone and Preloved Creativity has been at the forefront of everything within my own lifestyle and home.