New Preloved Magazine: Stone & Sage Preloved

We are delighted to announce that Stone and Sage is launching its very own preloved magazine: Stone & Sage Preloved. We are hoping to create three volumes of the magazine this year for spring, summer, and winter, bringing you the latest vintage, lifestyle, interiors, and home-inspired sustainable content.

This will be a very special interiors magazine featuring many of our friends here at Stone and Sage, including small businesses, passionate preloved advocates, interior stylists, and empowering women. We will be contacting businesses and people up and down the UK who embrace all things sustainable, with special features from the best creatives, writers, designers, and editors.

We strongly believe that the publication market is missing the bits in between vintage / antique homes and reclaimed / upcycled goods. We wish to bring everything together from sustainable weddings, sustainably sufficient eateries, preloved transformations, and spotlight small business features, truly nurturing the culture that preloved encompasses.

You can expect the following content from Stone & Sage Preloved magazine:

  • Discussing equality in the industry
  • Making ethical choices when decorating your home
  • Interviews with sustainable advocates
  • Showcasing community projects
  • Spotlight on independent charities
  • Small business features

…and so much more!


We are on the lookout for businesses to advertise in our 2022 editions of Stone & Sage Preloved. If you’re interested, please get in touch. We are looking for the following small business:

  • Candles / scent
  • Illustrators / artists
  • Clothing / textiles
  • Vintage stores
  • Retreats / holiday homes
  • Stylists / interior services
  • Eateries / cafés / food
  • Weddings / florists / photographers
  • Wellbeing / products / beauty
  • Jewellery / boutiques
  • Aromatherapy

Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements about the Stone & Sage Preloved magazine. Here's to 2022 and new adventures!


About Stone and Sage

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  • I am also editor and publisher to the Preloved publication; that has been in print for one year. I have been nurturing both businesses over a four-year period whilst lecturing part time at my local university in Suffolk. I have been working within the creative industry for over seventeen years, from creative directing to mentoring trainee teachers & I completed my master's degree in 2021.

  • Creativity has been at the forefront of everything within my own lifestyle and home. live in a sweet village in the heart of Suffolk where I am surrounded by what is known as Constable land.

    I completed my master's degree in 2021 and this got me thinking about the idea of writing an E-course that combined all the things that encompasses Stone and Preloved Creativity has been at the forefront of everything within my own lifestyle and home.