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Rustic Wicker (glass inlay) Holder (two available sold separately)

Rustic Wicker (glass inlay) Holder (two available sold separately)

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9cm x 7cm 

A rather beautiful collection of wicker glassware tumblers to be had!

If your anything like us we really like to style our home with an array & eclectic mix of pieces.

We adore these beautifully wooden decorative tumblers, they are perfect for the living space either to used sustainable or for some vintage aesthetics and dressing a space. 

A magnificent collection and those who relish to collect vintage bottles & glasswares would love these rustics beauties, standout pieces. 

(two available sold separately) 

Please note* this is a preloved ware, always be mindful when purchasing holders, burners, hanging accessories with naked flames and how long you burn them for, always use with caution, surfaces could be hot.

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