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2023 Annual Preloved Collective Membership

2023 Annual Preloved Collective Membership

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2023 Annual Preloved Publication Collective Membership ~ three editions and seasonal goodies with everyone edition. 

We have been overwhelmed with the response from our “Preloved Publications” this year that we are now planning for next year and have decided to offer a unique membership for 2023… an incredible 𝓝𝓮𝔀 chapter here! and we really couldn’t have done it without you! 

This fabulous collective 𝓟𝓻𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓭 membership will include THREE publications throughout 2023 with our spring (March) summer (July) winter (Oct / Nov)

The membership will 
offer you an insight into preloved interiors, keen decor enthusiasts invite us into their wonderful homes where you’ll be captivated through preloved visual dynamics, beautiful, eclectic designs seasonal inspiration

We have specially curated the content for each preloved magazine, featuring homes that embrace repurposed interiors, style and you’ll be captivated by their unique take on nurturing a preloved home. Vintage and antiques will be at the core of the special features and we have carefully handpicked spectacular people for this very special preloved publication membership and each edition will be jam packed to the brim, our 86 page publication will be a great insight into living more greener. 

Our preloved magazines are perfect for collectors, preloved advocates, vintage sellers, interior stylist, those seeking interior inspiration, gaining a sense of what sustainability might look like, creatives, preloved small businesses, and most importantly for gifting and those looking to connect with like minded people, our Stone & Sage PRELOVED magazines are for you!

Our three 2023 seasonal publications will focus heavily on the preloved culture and how we can positively contribute to it together.

Stone and Sage will focus on seasonal trends, embracing the ambience of how preloved and how sustainability can be introduced within your homes and life by tapping into repurposed preloved through lifestyle and culture. A heavily driven publication that celebrates equality, diversity and supporting the creative economy.

Preloved will soon become your favourite magazine and membership, an opportunity to pause, gain inspiration and positively contribute to a healthier wellbeing and lifestyle.

A lustful, pretty, vignette of all things vintage and decorative celebration in one place throughout the year featuring over 150 creatives and small business. 

Each edition will have special “Preloved Features” include exceptional stylists leading the way within the wider world of all things vintage and interiors. We have special guests in our summer issue who we know you are going to absolutely love! We have some of the best designers, artists, creatives, writers, columnists and businesses bringing you the latest style inspiration from current dealers and makers in 2023. 

We hope you enjoy our bespoke 𝓟𝓻𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓭 membership;  you feel inspired and want to help contribute to a greener lifestyle.

IMPORTANT due to the nature of the product / publication refunds are non applicable; the magazines will be sent on the release date of each seasonal print March, July, Oct / Nov in 2023 and we only have 100 unique memberships available. 

You will be notified with an email to let you know your order is on its way. Don’t panic! It might seem like a bit of wait but we know the wait will be worth it. You’ll receive some extra few things in with each publication too throughout the year, all sustainable of course. 

There will be a one off payment of £35.00 ~ including our flat rate EU & international charges will still be applied for orders outside of the UK and the costs cover your annual membership, a polite reminder your payment is a non refundable payment for a full years subscription 2023 with us at Stone & Sage and our Preloved Publication.  

UK / worldwide orders are welcomed, “preloved is the new loved”   

love Sophie & family 

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