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S&S TIMELESS Candle ~ 180ml amber Jar (with a free wax melt)

S&S TIMELESS Candle ~ 180ml amber Jar (with a free wax melt)

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Our S&S signature soy candles are perfect for calming, tranquillity and quietude time, using only the very best aromatherapy natural ingredients eco friendly materials,  you’ll escape from time with our TIMELESS scent of eucalyptus, lavender, sage, orange, cedar wood & Oak Moss. Our wonderful autumnal candles have been poured with love, care and with the sweetest touches! You’ll find zesty orange peel nestled in the wax to enhance the aromas of autumn and festive season. 

Made with luxury vegan fragrance oils, and a cotton wick. We have carefully designed the candles to be  eco friendly and sustainable.  

180ml - burn time around 40 hours 

To ensure an efficient burn, when you initially light your candle let it burn for at least 1 hour so you can see a full melt pool on the top of the candle before you blow it out.  This helps maintain a consistent burn, and reduces tunnelling.

With the amber glass jars, don't allow your candle to burn all the way down to the base.

Please feel free to reuse your amber jar sustainably within the home. 

IMPORTANT ~ We gift wrap all of our bespoke TIMELESS candles with twine, sweet dried oranges and cinnamon sticks in our eco friendly tissue paper and stickers (do let us know if it is a gift we can pop a little note in for you) 

* please note that all of the candles and melts have been safety tested with Willow & Finn and are labelled with the safety requirements, please follow as instructed. 

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