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Stone & Sage

S&S signature vintage Ephemera & styling prop collections ~ Walk

S&S signature vintage Ephemera & styling prop collections ~ Walk

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24cm x 18cm 

Stone and Sage’s signature vintage Ephemera & styling prop collections

They have been created by us and each one has a signature stone and sage aesthetic. These are PERFECT for adding character, texture, history and creativity into your home, interiors or work space. We are creating something rather unique especially for those who would like to try and create a gorgeous vintage flat lay. We have ten items in each bundle ranging from the early 1900’s to mid contemporary. Are you a creative stylist, photographer, collector, vintage obsessive?! LOOK no further!! EACH specially curated collection comes with a sweet hand dried posy too along with an antique ink pot or bottle.

You will find in your collection the following;  

  1. One vintage 1960’s floral bookplates 
  2. One contemporary fern print 
  3. Two antique narrative snap cards 
  4. Three antique coins 
  5. Posy bundle
  6. Two Victorian clay pipes 
  7. 1970’s letter card
  8. Antique dip pen 
  9. Large shell
  10. kitchenalia (cutter) 

We are super excited to share with you our lovely collections! Always remember when buying preloved, vintage, antique you have to appreciate the finer details and rustic aesthetics. We really hope you have endless creative fun styling and photographing the collections! 

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